Looking for a place to go? Do you think that Ayia Napa is the place to be?

Well…hello!!! I guess you haven’t been to Bedrock yet ! B o o o o y, we have everything! Music, for those who want to shake it…! Singing, for those who dream to see themselves on a stage…! Drinking for those who believe that drink is a way of having a good time…! Entertainment? The best in town!

As I said, the performer is you. You can sing whatever you like, whatever singer you like and be whoever you like.
When you’re on stage, the place is yours! Sing your song and believe me, you’re going to love the feeling! You don’t have to worry and feel uncomfortable at the Bedrock.
“We are family”. Hey, hear this too! Your kids are allowed to sing too, but only from 8:30-11:00.

Guess what? When you do decide to get up on stage and sing a song, you can choose among the 4000 we have in our book. Just get up on stage and sing your love song to your love.

You don’t have to worry about drinks, our experts are here! I’m talking about those half-naked prehistoric people working as B-A-R-M-E-N, to satisfy you with your favorite beverage. Don’t forget to taste our home made cocktails. Unique!!! only found in the Bedrock World.

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